Monday, November 28, 2011

Teacher's Training Program

Teachers Training program


Teacher's Training Program conducted at Bahuarwa Bhatta, Parsha on 25 November 2011 under the project of ORBIS International. In this program altogether 28 school teachers participated in this program from various school of Parsha Districts. Provided Lectures & highlighted training topics are Anatomy of Eye, Vision & Refraction, Red Eye & Ocular Emergency, Diseases (Cataract, Glaucoma, Cor. Ulcer, Xyrophthalmia), Drugs uses in eye & Hospital Management system information. Training Provided by Mr. Manoj Kumar Upadhyay, Ophthalmic Officer, Mr.Shiv Shankar Prasad, Ophthalmic Officer, Mr. Ras Dev Sah, OA Supervisor, Mr. Dinesh Nath Acharya, Finance Officer. 


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