Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Highest Cataract Surgery in Nepal by one surgeon in one day

An auspicious occasion of recorded surgery done by Dr. Padam Raj Bista Medical director Of Medical Director of Ram Kumar Mahabir Prasad Kedia Eye Hospital.

Medical director Dr. Padam raj Bista has done 333 only cataract surgeries (SICS with PCIOL) in one day alone. It is the highest surgery done by one doctor in one day, Its such a tremendous record for Nepal. Before today the highest surgery done recorded as 312. Dr. Bista has perform this surgery starting from 7.00 am to 10.30 pm. on 11 Feb. 2014 only breaking 3 times for 30 minutes each.

OT Team
Dr. Padam Raj Bista                   Ophathalmologist                       Surgeon
Mr. Hari Kant Sah                       Ophthalmic Assistant                OT In-charge
Mr. Lal Babu Patel                      Ophthalmic Assistant                OT Assistant
Mr. Krisna Kushwaha                  Ophthalmic Assistant Trainee     OT Assistant
Mrs. Nisha Neupane                   Eye Health Worker                     OT Assistant
Mrs. Sarswati Mainali                 Eye Health Worker                     OT Assistant
Mr. Chanchal Babu Kewat           Eye Health Worker                     OT Assistant
Mrs. Neelam Sharma                 Assistant                                    Assistant
Mr. Shanakar Pd. Yadav             Helper                                        Helper
Mr. Ramkrit Mandal                   Helper                                         Helper
Mr. Bishundev Mahato               Helper                                         Helper
Mr. Parshuram Thakur               Helper                                         Helper
Mr. Jhagaru Raut                      Helper                                          Hellper

Out Team (Management)
Mr. Prakash Kumar Verma       Administrator
Mr. Shailesh Paudel                Ophthalmic Officer
Mr. Shambhu Kushwaha          Ophthalmic Supervisor
Mr. Shrikant Pd Kanu              Accountant
Mr. Bharat Dhital                     Store Keeper
Mr. Uttam Kumar Karna           IT & System In-Charge
Mrs. Bhagwati Gopali              Data Keeper
Mr. Pradip Kr. Patel                 Data Keeper
Mr. Santosh Kumar Patel         Assistant

and many more staffs of R. M. Kedia Eye Hospital give valuable support for this achievement.

with regards
Uttam Kr Karna
IT & System Incharge
RM Kedia Eye Hospital
Birganj, Nepal


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  2. Impressive! I knew my Eye Doctor in Arizona conducts many eye surgeries in a day, but it is not as many as this one! I hope he keeps up the good work! I wish he would continue doing what he does.

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